JonesCraft officially opened for business at the turn of the 21st century.   As a craftsman of traditional timberframing and all things wood, Barry has worked from Washington to Maine & Canada in search of talented individuals and projects during the formative or "wandering" years after college in Marquette, MI.   Growing up in Michigan with parents from the UK (moved to US in 70's) there must have been some chip of a seed planted when traveling back to the motherland and seeing all the timbered structures, wattle & daub, & scrumpy dotting the landscape.  Oak is in the blood....

Barry's father David Jones has always been diving into carpentry and fine furniture projects  (or mastering whatever he sets out to do like teaching photography techniques from 19th century at Kalamazoo Institute for Arts) and leads by example with an effort of quality in what you do with your hands.  Walking away at the end of the day and knowing that you have done good work is ingrained in the end product that continues throughout it lifespan.  For a product to have longevity it has to have soul.  It is part of a total responsibility as a craftsman to produce quality work that can endure.  Everything that is produced uses resources that impact us environmentally,  culturally, and socially. 

Barry lives near Interlochen, MI with his wife Nichole and two young boys.  Different adventures for different times.  As a young family, sailing, skiing, paddling, fishing, are slowly being pursued in the "off time".  Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to see what we are up to. 


Timber is one of the greatest resources we share.  We can choose to build with nature or against nature.    As Roy Underhill exclaims, "by exploiting & understanding woods weakness we allow its strength to carry on".